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Australia 💙 | Holiday Here This Year

Australia 💙

How we’ve missed your laughing birds and singing mammals, your coastal cities and walls that tell stories. You have a whole lot of nothing, which is actually really something.

And we get to call you home – how special is that?

After months of daydreaming about our big, beautiful backyard, it’s finally time to get back out there and explore. So let’s go! The time is right to start planning that once-in-a-lifetime kind of holiday you’ve always thought about.

Top 5 Cutest Animals| Nature & Wildlife of Australia

Whatever your penchant, we reveal Australia’s top five cutest animals, and where you can visit to grab that quokka selfie you’ve always wanted or snag a cuddle with a kangaroo.

Quokkas have been dubbed the happiest animals on earth, and it’s not hard to see why. These smiley creatures are native to Rottnest Island in Western Australia and love the social life that Rottnest Island tourism affords them. If it’s a quokka selfie you’re after, the best time to spot them is mid-late afternoon. There are approx. 50 million Kangaroos in Australia and there are plenty of places across the country to see them. Try the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs where you can nurse a baby Kangaroo or ‘joey’ and get up close and personal with these national icons in their natural habitat.

Wombats are found in the southern parts of Australia and Maria Island in Tasmania is a hotspot for them! These Fluffy little boulders love eating grass and burrowing into their network of holes, so enjoy your day of picnicking around their hiding holes. What not to love about koalas? Spot them in the wild bushland throughout Australia or cuddle one at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Queenland. Australia’s most widely spread native mammals, the Echidna, is everywhere – but they’re very shy! Although they’re spikey, they have a very cute snout and waddle. You can meet an echidna at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park.

With love from Aus ❤

Take time to daydream. We’ll see you again soon.

There’s Nothing Like Australia’s Aquatic and Coastal Experiences!

How can the color blue be a feeling?
Well, it’s hard to describe.
But it is.
You see, it’s different down here.
The air just has more life in it.
Sounds touch you.
And the light fills you up somehow.
Yeah, it’s a place that stays with you.
And sometimes, if you’re lucky, it stays forever.
Because Australia isn’t just a place you see…
It’s a place you feel.

Great Fishing Adventures of Australia!

Great Fishing Adventures of Australia is a new group of leading independently owned fishing tourism operators who have come together to collectively raise the profile of Australia as a world-class fishing destination. Travel to Australia. No matter what the season, Australia offers international enthusiasts the opportunity to indulge in their passion and experience some of the very best fishing, amongst some of the most naturally spectacular and diverse environments, the world has to offer.

Matesong (Official Video) Tourism Australia Ad 2019

Dear United Kingdom,
Your besties across the ocean are calling.📞
Your mates in Australia

Kylie Minogue and her mates invite the UK to visit Australia and come live our Philausophy!

Song Credits
Lyrics and music by Eddie Perfect – Australian writer, performer and composer
Performed by Kylie Minogue – Australian singer, songwriter and performer

Cameo appearances:
o Adam Hills: Australian comedian and radio and television presenter
o Andy Saunders: Comedian, Aboriginal Comedy AllStars
o Ash Barty: Australian professional tennis player
o Darren Robertson: Chef and co-owner, Three Blue Ducks
o Ian Thorpe: Former Australian Olympic swimmer
o Jeff Bennett: Co-owner, Three Blue Ducks
o Jordan and Zac Stenmark: Australian models
o Kevin Kropinyeri: Comedian, Aboriginal Comedy AllStars
o Magdalena Roze: Meteorologist, presenter and journalist
o Reggie and Cassidy Uluru: Indigenous Elders, Mutitjulu Community
o Sean Choolburra: Comedian, Aboriginal Comedy AllStars
o Shane Warne: Media personality and former Australian cricketer

Song Lyrics
This year’s been tough and confusing
But progress is moving…
At glacial pace
But all of Australia loves you
And we’ll never judge you
You just need some space
When you need an end to what ails ya
Call on your friends in Australia
A pal to rely on
A shoulder to cry on
In Australia

We can turn off the news
You can kick off your shoes
We’ll play backyard cricket
Get ready to lose
So throw in the towel
You can use one of ours
We speak your language
Except for the vowels

Yes we know you love your fish n’ chips and your curries
But hey, that’s no worries
Good grub’s guaranteed
Negotiating tricky trade deals is a shocker
But look there’s a quokka!
And that’s what you need
A quokka is literally what you need!

Glorious United Kingdom
Lean on your wingmen and women
We’ll clear your head
Have a sausage in bread
We’ll go to the beach
Then we’ll tuck you in bed

Don’t bite your nails to the cuticles
Hang with impressive marsupials
Helping a mate
Is a national trait
In Australia!

Yes, when everything’s a test
Call your besties across the ocean
Sisters and Brothers
We know you think you’re above us
But deep down you love us
You just repress emotion

But we’ll put you right
Have another flat white!
Go grab your cosies
You’re Aussies tonight!

Calling all Poms
Keep Calm Carry On
In Austra—-li—-a!
See ya soon then, yeah?

Typical Aussie Foods to Try | Gourmet Adventures.

Introduction | 8D Escapes.

Big, bold and beautiful, Australia is a country painted in a vivid spectrum of natural colours and enriched with unique sounds. A place that dazzles your every sense, get a taste of the diversity of Australia’s immersive experiences in this teaser of our 8D audio video series.

In this video, we travel to:
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory
The Kimberley, Western Australia
Daintree Rainforest, Queensland
National Gallery of Victoria, Victoria
Mount Kosciuszko, New South Wales
Hervey Bay, Queensland

White: A Moment of Peace | 8D Escapes.

In Australia, peaceful white-hued experiences can be discovered in every corner of the land; some more surprising than others. From curved white beaches to powdery alpine peaks, Australia’s white landscapes provide a minimalist backdrop for purists looking to create their own path. Be immersed in the tranquillity of Australia in our 8D video series. Travel to Australia. Discover our wonderful land.

In this video, we travel to:
Lake Eyre, South Australia
Fraser Island, Queensland
Mount Kosciuszko, New South Wales
Sydney, New South Wales

Black: A Moment of Inspiration | 8D Escapes.

From our vast starlit skies to the art galleries of our big cities, the colour black is elegantly threaded through the fabric of Australia. Immerse yourself in the scenes and sounds of black with our 8D video series, and you’ll see why this dark and mysterious hue is used to convey sophistication and elegance, and to make a statement when no other colour will do.

In this video, we travel to:
Melbourne, Victoria
Phillip Island, Victoria
Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory
National Gallery of Victoria, Victoria
Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania

Blue: A Moment of Joy | 8D Escapes.

More than just a colour, blue inspires a feeling; a freeing and joyful sensation shared by soaring seabirds, breaching whales and surfing dolphins. There is little wonder people are deeply drawn to it. Let us immerse you in blissful blue through our 8D video series.

In this video, we travel to:
Esperance, Western Australia
Great Barrier Reef, Queensland
Baird Bay, South Australia
Hervey Bay, Queensland

Green: A Moment of Relaxation | 8D Escapes.

Australia’s refreshing green landscapes can recharge and refocus even the busiest of minds. From ancient rainforests to beautiful bushland, discover the powerful influence of immersing yourself in some of Australia’s most captivating green-hued scenes. Travel to Australia. Expect feelings of revitalization, relaxation, and a restored sense of balance as you experience Australia in brilliant 8D sound in our video series.

In this video, we travel to:
Daintree Rainforest, Queensland
Arnhem Land, Northern Territory
Rottnest Island, Western Australia
Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Magenta: A Moment of Freedom | 8D Escapes.

At certain times of the day, Australia’s natural spaces and places are bathed in a magical magenta light. From rippling pink lakes to towering rock formations painted in dreamy pastel hues, this is one colour to experience with someone special. Fall head over heels with the mystery and romance of an Australian escape through our video series, heightened by the rich immersive sounds of 8D audio.

In this video, we travel to:
Hutt Lagoon, Western Australia
Great Ocean Road, Victoria
The Kimberley, Western Australia
Hinchinbrook Island National Park, Queensland

Red: A Moment of Escape | 8D Escapes.

Powerful and passionate, there’s no colour more compelling than red. In Australia, red is at the heart of our country, from our iconic and richly coloured landmarks, to the expansive rusty red outback. Immerse yourself in this energising video series, accompanied by powerful 8D sound, and feel the call to adventure from our crimson tinted land and skies.

In this video, we travel to:
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory
Horizontal Falls, Western Australia
Red Centre, Northern Territory
The Kimberley, Western Australia

For a good time, just add saltwater 🏄🏽‍♀‍

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