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Top 31 Remarkable Reasons for traveling to Bulgaria.


Are you already wondering where your next trip will be? Would you like to see a destination that can offer a diversity of activities no matter which season you choose? If the answer to these questions is yes, then definitely visiting Bulgaria is the best option for you.

Bulgaria is often referred to as the gem of Eastern Europe.  Although the country is small in size, there are a variety of places to see in Bulgaria ranging from high mountains to pristine coastlines on the Black Sea. Visiting Bulgaria will expose you to the country folklore which is a blend of Greek, Ottoman, and Slavic culture.

Visiting Bulgaria is a top experience and below are the 31 reasons that will definitely make you pack your bags and travel to Bulgaria.

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Travel to Bulgaria as it is a pocket-friendly destination.

Bulgaria is considered among the most affordable countries in Europe. If you are a budget traveler, you might find it a good reason for traveling to Bulgaria as you will spend 20-25 EUR per night for a hostel or guest-house. Guest-houses are very popular in mountainous villages with authentic Bulgarian cuisine and ambiances like Oreshak, Beli Osam, Tryavna or Dryanovo.

Cheap transportation.

Bulgaria has a strategic location and is well connected to other European cities. And the best part is you can easily travel to Athens, Budapest, Vienna by bus and enjoy the scenery while saving some money.

Various means of transportation.

When you travel to Bulgaria, you will be amazed by the various options of transportation. The things to do vary from riding a horse or donkey, experiencing the narrow-gauge train (“tesnolineika”) to standard ways of transportation like trolley, trams, buses and metro.

Distances are not big.

Bulgaria is a small country and you can easily travel from the north side to the seaside and the whole journey will take you around 5-6 hours. On the way you can enjoy beautiful views of sunflower fields, corn fields, mountain ranges and green valleys.

Enjoy the unique culture.

When you travel to Bulgaria, keep in mind that this is one of the oldest countries in Europe which has been influenced by different cultures.  This makes it a diverse destination offering unique places to see including historical monuments from Thracian and Roman times, archaeological sites and natural parks.

Religious diversity.

If you are visiting Bulgaria, you should be aware that the main religion is Eastern Orthodox. It accounts for around 60% of the population. However, people are very tolerant to other religions and cultures and other wide-spread religious groups include Muslims, Protestants, Jews.

Visit the folklore festivals.

They are usually held in the mountains where thousands of people gather in the meadows, eat traditional food, play on traditional musical instruments like bagpipes and wear Bulgarian traditional costumes. Festivals that you should see in Bulgaria include St Lazar’s Day, Fire dancing called “nestinarstvo” and the Rose Festival in Kazanlak.

Enjoy the Bulgarian Folk Dances.

When you travel to Bulgaria, witnessing the national folk dance called “ horo” is a must-experience. It is played on a bagpipe and the girls and the boys wear traditional costumes called “nosiya”. They gather in circles and hold hands under the rhythm.

Try the Bulgarian Rose products.

When you visit Bulgaria, one of the most common and authentic gifts to get for your family and friends is rose products. You will be surprised that you can find almost everything made of rose – rose oil, perfumes, soaps, rose jam and sweets.

Another reason for visiting Bulgaria is the unique nature.

Where else can you find such a  variety of natural phenomenon on such a small territory? Caves like Saeva Dupka or Ledenika, the famous Krushuna Waterfalls, the beautiful mountains of Rila and Pirin will leave you astonished with their breath-taking views and are definitely ones of the places to see in Bulgaria.

Swim at the beautiful coastline of Bulgaria.

Another reason for visiting Bulgaria is the Black Sea. Spot number one is Sunny Beach where people never sleep and nightlife is at full speed. Among the places to see in Bulgaria is the sea capital – Varna, famous for its seaside garden which is the oldest and largest park in Bulgaria.

Let’s go Hiking.

Musalla or “the place of God” is the highest peak in Rila Mountain (2925 m) and on the whole Balkan Peninsula. Visiting Bulgaria gives you the opportunity to embark on a hiking adventure to the highest point of the Balkans and enjoy magnificent views of Rila Mountains.

Why not visit the UNESCO sites?

Bulgaria is proud to have 9 places listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites on its territory. It is worth mentioning the ancient city of Nessebar on the seaside, the Thracian tomb of Kazanlak, the famous Madara Rider and many others.

Let’s go Shopping.

Among the places to visit in Bulgaria are the shopping malls which are typical for the capital Sofia and for the big cities. If you are looking for a good deal, there are plenty of open markets that offer good value for money. It is worth visiting the women’s market, the spice market or the famous “Iliyantsi” in the capital where you can find pretty much all kinds of goods at an unbelievably cheap price.

Visit the Picturesque and Rich in history Monasteries.

Bulgaria is full of picturesque monasteries nestled in mountainous areas and surrounded by lush greenery. One of them is the Rila monastery which is the most famous Eastern Orthodox Monastery in Bulgaria.

Visit The Bulgarian unique lakes.

One of the most beautiful places to see in Bulgaria is the Seven Rila Lakes. They are a group of glacial lakes and each of them has a different name according to its specific features such as “The Eye”, “The Kidney”, “The Tear” etc. The natural beauty and ultimate relaxation are definitely worth the tour!

Try the Healing qualities of the mineral water.

When you travel to Bulgaria you should find time for SPA and balneotherapy. You can either choose Hissarya, Sapareva Banya or Velingrad which have centers specially dedicated to balneotherapy and SPA treatments.

A good reason for visiting Bulgaria is to experience 4 seasons.

Unlike many other countries, Bulgaria has 4 defined seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter. And all of them offer plenty of activities. If you wonder which season is the best to travel to Bulgaria, it all depends on the activities you have planned – skiing in winter or going to the seaside in summer.

Start your food journey with “Banitsa”.

This is the most traditional pastry in Bulgaria, very specific for the region. If you are staying in a guesthouse, definitely your host will treat you with traditional banitsa (pastry with cheese) for breakfast.

Taste the exquisite Balkan cuisine and gastronomy.

If you are a food lover, the traditional cuisine is definitely a reason for visiting Bulgaria. You will find the best meatballs (kyufteta), enjoy the traditional shopska salad and Bulgarian cheese which believe it or not, you will not find in any other place.

Try the traditional Bulgarian Drinks and spirits.

Rakiya, rakiya and rakiya. This spirit has become so famous all over the world that if you mention Bulgaria to a lot of people, their association will be with rakiya. Almost every Bulgarian family produces this drink at home under specific technology. It goes really well with shopska salad on cool summer nights!

Have you ever tried the Bulgarian Home-made wine?

Bulgaria is one of the most famous wine producers in the world and this tradition dates back to the Thracian times. Famous Bulgarian wines include Mavrud, Keratsuda, Pelin. They do even celebrate the day of grapes and wine, called “Trifon Zarezan” on 14th February.

Bulgaria is the Homeland of Yoghurt Bacillus Bulgaricus.

Traveling to Bulgaria without tasting the traditional Bulgarian yoghurt is impossible. It is thick and creamy and very often home-made. It is curious to know that the name in Bulgarian is “kiselo mlyako” which literally means sour milk.

Another very important reason to visit Bulgaria is the people.

It is well-known that Bulgarians are very friendly and hospitable people. They will always welcome you at their home, invite you for a nice traditional dinner and guide you through the things to do and places to see in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is the only place where you will hear Bulgarian.

It is a fact that Bulgarian is the official language only in Bulgaria which makes your traveling to Bulgaria unique. This is the only place where you can hear this language.

Visit the Monuments from the Soviet Time.

It is well known that Bulgaria still carries the traits from the Soviet Union times. You can see whole residential buildings in many cities that have the soviet architecture. The House-Monument of the Bulgarian Communist Party in Buzludzha still attracts thousands of people around the globe.

Bulgaria is a place for animal lovers.

Animal lovers can enjoy the attention of stray dogs and cats which are very sociable and friendly. In fact, if you feed them or play with them there is a big chance they will remember you and follow you every time they see you.

Bulgaria is one of the countries with the biggest number of holidays.

Bulgarians like to celebrate and respect all occasions. Apart from national holidays, you will be surprised by the special celebration of birthdays and name days. They consider celebration as a way of bringing health and prosperity. If you like to be part of celebrations, this is one of the reasons for traveling to Bulgaria.

You can have fun and be yourself.

Visit Bulgaria to have fun! People are known for their high sense of humor and open-mindedness. This is the country where everything is allowed anywhere and you will never feel an outsider.

Take advantage of Internet connections when you visit Bulgaria.

You will be surprised that this is listed as a reason to travel to Bulgaria but in the world of communications Internet is one of the most important things to check before starting your journey. And the Wi-Fi in Bulgaria is high-speed and what matters most – free of charge!

Bulgarian women.

Last but not least, a major reason to visit Bulgaria is the Bulgarian women. Many times they have been ranked as the most or one of the most beautiful women in the world. So don’t waste your time, come and see yourself.


Visiting Bulgaria can turn out to be a really exciting journey. It is so rich in history and sightseeing that your time will not be enough to cover all the interesting and famous landmarks. No matter what your preference is, Bulgaria offers places for each taste – from the exquisite traveler with a lavish lifestyle to the ordinary backpacker looking for an adventure.

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Top 31 Remarkable Reasons for traveling to Bulgaria.