Monday, April 15, 2024

Travel and Discover Canada from your couch.

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Discover Canada in Top 107 shots.

It’s not easy to showcase all of Canada in 90 seconds. But we like to try. Here’s our edit from coast to coast to coast. Explore our culture, seasons, experiences, and people.

Meet Indigenous artists from across Canada.

Winter in Canada.

Winter in Canada is more than just igloos and icebergs. It’s about exploration. It’s nature right at our doorsteps. It’s the way that our cities come to life to find warmth and connect with people. We don’t hide from the cold. We throw on a tuque and head outside.

More than traveling. Explore Canada

When it’s time to travel again safely take a trip somewhere outside of your ordinary, whether it’s:
– A journey beyond your own backyard where people you’ve just met say “it’s nice to see you”
– Where even though you’ve just met, they say “it’s nice to see you” and make you feel like you’re in the nicest place, with the nicest people.
– Where the sights are as beautiful as the faces around you.
– Where the wildlife can get pretty wild.

It becomes more than you ever expected. You can just be you and that’s all you need to be. And when you say “goodbye” it’s like saying bye to family that’s when you know: It’s more than traveling.
It’s Canada, where nice calls home.

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Travel and Discover Canada from your couch.