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Best 31 Wonderful Reasons for Visiting China


Go visit China in the rest of your life. The size of China is equivalent to the European continent. The scenery and customs you see in China are as diverse and rich in style as you have traveled across Europe, but you’ll experience another kind of culture which is completely different from the West while visiting China. Incredible food, breathtaking landscapes and ancient heritage, and attractive culture and customs will make your trip with no regrets.

Continue reading and you’ll see for yourself!

Below we offer more than 30 reasons for visiting China, in fact, the list goes on.

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Discover the Fantastic Chinese Diversity.

No matter what kind of places you like, the bustling metropolis or the quiet countryside; whether you like spicy food or sweet; old or modern, desert Gobi or sand beach, you can get all of them in one destination, China.

Try the incredible Chinese food.

Incredible food is definitely one of the best parts of visiting China. In China, you will taste delicious food you have never tasted, and Chinese cuisine varies greatly by region. Spicy hotpot in Sichuang, sweet meatball in Shanghai, noodles served with different sauces in North China, and street foods in coastal areas, etc., Without going to China in person, how can you taste such a delicacy on earth?

Enjoy the Stunning varied landscapes.

As one of the largest countries in the world, from desert to seacoast, frozen beauty to warm tropics, China has all of them. Suzhou’s beautiful garden view and winding rivers with traditional architecture, and the most ancient Chinese capital, Xi’an… Be sure you’ll visit all of these awesome unique treasures in China.

See the Impressive Ancient Heritage.

Chinese civilization dates back thousands of years ago. While visiting China, you can see human-made wonders which were built hundreds or even thousands of years ago and feel the old lifestyle. Places to see in China include but not limited to Pingyao, Lijiang, Dali, and Wuzhen, all of which are hidden in large modern cities, but still look like it was several hundred years ago.

Discover the Attractive Chinese Cultures.

Have myths about eastern culture? China is definitely the place where you can discover the authentic eastern culture. There are many ways to explore Chinese culture while traveling to China. You can follow the Tea Horse Trail, an ancient trade route in North China, or just enjoy the traditional Chinese medicine therapy in the downtown of Hangzhou.

Enjoy the Ethnic Minority Customs.

China has more than 50 minority ethnic minorities practicing different cultural customs. Don’t miss the colorful minority cultures, major places to see in China should include Lugu Lake in Yunnan, Miao Village in Guilin, and Lhasa’s mountain monastery in Tibet.

Treat your body with traditional Chinese massage.

Massage is a lifestyle in China. It can make you fully relaxed and recovered. After a full day of sightseeing or hiking, go have an authentic Chinese massage in the downtown of a city, we’ll better understand why this traditional skill is so popular among modern people, even for the young generation.

Discover the Chinese Ancient Capitals.  

Besides Beijing, the current capital of China, the ancient capitals of Tang, Song and Minguo dynasties are still worth visiting. Xi’an, Nanjing and Hangzhou are not only vibrant modern cities but also still keep the original architectural style and historical traces.

What will happen when west meets east? Go to the city of Shanghai.

Shanghai, called “Paris in Asia”, is a charming city where east meets west. It is one of the most must-visit places for travelers visiting China. Taking a stroll along the romantic Bund, you can see a mix of western architectural style unchanged since the 1930s. Opposite the river is China’s most extraordinary modern Structures. Shanghai’s local food is also amazing.  Xiao Long Soup dumplings, sweet and sour pork ribs, and spring bamboo shoots are all representative of southern Chinese cuisine. When you’re in Shanghai, be sure you try them.

Don’t miss the activities that are unique in China!

Traveling is no longer just go sightseeing, engagement activities become popular. While visiting China, you have a long list of must-doing things.

Go to Sichuan, the habitat of giant pandas, where you can have a closer look at the life of pandas and may even have a chance to hug pandas. This is a well-known must-do for foreigners traveling to China.

Or you can join making porcelain in Jingdezhen Village that is famous for producing A-class level porcelain. If you travel to Hangzhou, you can find different levels of tea tasting experience, in which you’ll enjoy picking and tasting of fresh green tea on the hills.

Friendly people and the culture of hospitality.

Chinese people are friendly to foreigners. This is one of the reasons for visiting China. Most Chinese people are actually friendly, and the locals are always willing to show you their hospitality. If you travel in the countryside, the local people may want to stop and chat and take pictures with you. Even in big cities, you’ll be constantly waved at and spoke to, and once you interact with them, you’ll probably be treated amazingly well.

Enjoy the Diverse climate in China.

China spans about 5000 kilometers (3107 miles) from the eastern coast to the western end. No matter which season you travel to China, you can feel at least two seasons here. If you come to China in the spring, you might be able to enjoy snow and ice beauty in North China, and a few days later, you can wear short sleeves having cold drinks in Guangdong.

Do not overlook the traditional cities.

Normally Beijing is the first stop for many people traveling to China. The Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and the Summer Palace are all must-visit places to visit. In addition, you can find valuable sites hidden in Hutongs, Wudaoying Hutongs behind Lama Temple, and Houhai next to Nanluogu Lane. Hong Kong and Xi’an are also traditionally must-visit cities for your first trip to China. Hong Kong is best known for a shopper’s paradise and the colonial architecture, while the inland city of Xi’an can show you the historical face of China as well as its legend food.

Explore the Spectacular Natural Wonders.

When visiting China, you’ll see tremendous natural landscapes. There’s a long list of places to see in China. Zhangjiajie, Jiuzhai Valley, Wuyue (Five Mountains), and the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River are the uncanny workmanship of nature.

Visit the Spring festival and other traditional Chinese fiestas.

If you come to China in the spring, you will definitely feel the atmosphere of celebrating the Spring Festival in every corner of the country. If it’s summer, you can watch the dragon boat race during the Dragon Boat Festival. If it’s autumn, you can eat crab and taste wine while feeling the meaning of Chongyang Festival.

Go to the coldest region in China in winter.

Northeastern China is amazing when winter comes. Go to Harbin, the northernmost capital city of China, and watch the beautiful ice sculptures; if you are brave enough, you can follow the locals to swim in the river covered by ice. You should also visit Changbai Mountain, Daxing’an and Xiaoxing’an Mountains in this region to experience the tranquility and purity of the large temperate forests.

Explore the stunning scenery and food in the birthplace of rice.

Southwest provinces, Yunnan, Guizhou, and Guangxi are the most colorful region in China. This is the place where rice did come from originally. People here also invented beautiful rice terraces. There are also a wealth of unique fruits, such as passion fruit and Luo Han Guo.

Taste the “Four Major Chinese Cuisines”.

Oversea Chinese cuisines are “fake” ones, for they’ve been westernized. Trust me, there are more Chinese dishes than Dim Sum and Kung Pao Chickens. Curious what real Chinese cuisines look like? The Four Major Cuisines, known as “Chuan, Lu, Yue, and Huaiyang”, are the most praised, representing West, North, South, and East China cuisine correspondingly. These are some of the best reasons for visiting China!

Acquire Chinese traditional specialties: ceramics, fine silk, and all kinds of tea.

China has a wide variety of unique products. Not only in ancient times but even now, porcelain and silk are still the most popular gifts for friends you can buy while visiting China. Meanwhile, when you are visiting China, you’ll also see many different kinds of tea, such as fresh green tea, red tea, and woolong tea.

Enjoy the Instagram moments of your trip to China.

China’s picturesque scenery is another of the many reasons for visiting China. If you are into dynamic sceneries of historical wonders, then Dunhuang Grottos located in Gansu province is definitely the place to see in China.

Chinese museums preserve the 5000-year history.

Want to see the historical treasure at once? Go to the museums! In addition to the must-go Palace Museum, there are many provincial museums worth visiting for half a day, such as various public and private museums in Shaanxi, Hunan, and Shanghai. Check the opening time and make a reservation on their official websites in advance, and then you can immerse in it.

Cheers, bottom-up, enjoy Chinese wine!

When you come to China, you must taste Chinese beverages. Chinese Baijiu (liquor) is known as “Chinese vodka”. If you are a wine expert, you must try the Chinese Baijiu even if only once. Besides, China also boasts its rice wine. In addition to Shaoxing’s white wine, there are many other different types of rice wine. You will definitely fall in love with all kinds of wine while visiting China, while you’ll also learn the special drinking culture in China.

Explore the sunset view of these cities that is completely off the beaten track!

If you want to experience the authentic Chinese life, take a sunset walk especially when you travel in Chongqing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Changsha, or Guangzhou. Night markets, river views, cruises, square dances, and street food will help you live like a local.

Discover the Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Traditional craftsmanship and art are the treasures of Chinese culture. This is another reason for visiting China. When traveling to China, you will see how folk artists create fascinating artworks with scissors and paper, you will have a chance to practice Chinese calligraphy, or dress up in Peking Opera that is famous across the world.

Family trip, solo vacation, or an extended stay, China fits them all!

China is suitable for all kinds of travel. Whether you are traveling with your family, taking the elderly and children, having a solo vacation, or staying a few more days after your business trip, China is an ideal destination that can meet your requirements and give you unique experiences. Chinese cuisines are good for the elderly and children, and cities or villages such as Hangzhou, Wuzhen, and Xitang are perfect options for solo travelers or short stay after a business in Shanghai.

Language is not a problem at all!

You will realize how many people speak English when you travel to China in person. Not everyone speaks English, but there are many young people who’re proficient in speaking English. Western restaurants are also easy to find, and English menus are always available in these restaurants.

You can have a super convenient life with just one smartphone!

China is one of the most developed regions for online payments. Cashless payment has become the mainstream payment method in Chinese cities. Whether you buy an expensive dress in a shopping mall or a bottle of milk in a 7-11 convenience store, you do not need to have cash at hand. While visiting China, you can get everything done with one smartphone.

It is an affordable trip.

Whether you are a backpacker or travel with families, China is an affordable place. This is a significant reason for visiting China. No matter how cheap or comfortable you like, China can fit every budget, from super-five stars to shared Airbnb room. Transportation and food are also affordable while traveling to China. Though the excellent high-speed train can make your travel easier, the ticket price is just one-third lower than in other countries.

China is having a convenient public transportation system.

Travel in China is easier than ever before. China now has an excellent high-speed train system, which makes traveling from one end of the country to the other end very convenient. You can board a high-speed train from Beijing to Shanghai running at 250–350 km/h, (155—220 Miles/h), and taking less than 5 hours. When visiting China, it’s super convenient to get around. Taxis are easy to find and way much cheaper than in other countries. Chinese uber is also convenient in many cities.

The 72 / 144-hour visa-free transit policies.

Although applying for a China visa if traveling to China, several visa-free policies are also available to many foreigners. People from 100 countries can have a visa-free trip to Hongkong and Macau. Regarding other parts of the countries, big Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Dalian, and Shenyang have a 144-hour visa-free transit policy. People from 53 countries having transit flights in these cities can enjoy a 6-day China tour. Meanwhile, many Chinese cities have implemented the 72-hour visa-free transit policies, such as Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guilin, Harbin, etc.

It is safe to travel to China.

Traveling in China is very safe. China is safe to tourists, solo tourists, female tourists, and backpackers. China is regarded as one of the safest countries, with a low capital crime rate in the world. Foreigners’ safety issues are a top priority to Chinese police and always efficiently solved.


China is not an image portrayed by media, nor is it what it looks like in movies and TV. If you go on a tour of the country in person, you will gain your own unique feelings. The diversity there is beyond your imagination, and the vitality there makes you reluctant to leave. Go visit China for the rest of your life.

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Best Wonderful Reasons for Visiting China