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Travel and Discover Croatia from your couch.

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Croatia: The Intangible Heritage.

Intangible cultural heritage refers to traditions or living expressions passed on from generation to generation, and with this Google and CNTB project this content has been showcased via four sections – knowledge of crafts, folk singing and dancing, celebrations and festivities, and food.

Discover the colors of Croatia.

Pick a colour…
A shade of blue!
Paint your spirit…
Paint your plates…
Go vibrant!
Follow your emotions…

Croatia is Full of Flavours.

Explore the diversity of Croatian cuisine and discover its wonderful specialties!

Croatia is full of islands to discover.

Croatia gives you Crystal clear water, sandy and pebbly beaches, enchanting small coastal towns and historical sights. Sea lovers can enjoy Croatia’s mild and pleasant Mediterranean climate, its culinary specialties and its rich culture. Croatia is the perfect destination for a boating vacation.

Croatia’s natural beauty never ends.

Croatia’s cultural beauty is as diverse as it’s stunning landscapes…

We can’t wait to see you!

The vacation you deserve is closer than you think!

If you feel like,
You deserve to run away…
You deserve to cool off…
You deserve to catch some air…
You deserve to take it slow…
You deserve to hang out…
…than you’ll be happy to know, that all the thing you deserve,
…are closer that you think.
Croatia. The vacation you deserve.

Set sail and explore all the hidden jewels of Croatia…

… swim on the beaches not everyone can find…
….get lost in the history that lives to this day…
… taste what the deep blue sea serves on your plate …
… dare to experience life to the fullest…

A thousand islands, a million memories
Discover Croatia

The only thing that is missing is you!

The summer might be over soon…
But vacation is not!
The mountains are still watching over the sea.
Old villas guard their medieval luxury.
Vineyards are spectacular both north and south.
Bike paths are ready to be crossed.
And the sea is more welcoming than ever.
The only thing that is missing…
Is you!

Croatia, Full of magic!

The beautiful winter season in vibrant Croatia – this is when Christmas magic spreads all over Croatian cities and towns, bringing a charming dose of holiday spirit to every corner of our country.
Experience it this year and enjoy your Advent vacation in Croatia, both at our renowned Christmas market in Zagreb that has been voted “European Best Christmas Market” three times in a row, as well as other amazing Croatian destinations.

Croatia Your Next Filming Destination

Croatia may be a small country, but it has a remarkably vibrant film industry, with exceptional local talent and production companies that have an impressive record in domestic and international production.
Since 2012, Croatia offers a financial incentive for film and TV production. With the 25% rebate (additional 5% for filming in regions with below-average development), skilled professional crews, and production costs among the lowest in Europe, there has been a steady increase in the number of international film productions being shot in Croatia.

Your vacation in Croatia!

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Travel and Discover Croatia from your couch.