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Top 21 unique reasons for visiting the Czech Republic


The Czech Republic is a land located in the center of Europe that deserves to be visited. In fact, there are many reasons for visiting the Czech Republic. The country draws attention for its rich history, for the impressive architecture preserved in its cities and also for having 14 places inscribed on the UNESCO list of heritage. Did any of these reasons inspire you to travel to the Czech Republic? I hope so!

But, in case you still need more motivation, read our list with 21 reasons for visiting the Czech Republic.

Metropolis with preserved medieval architecture.

The Czech capital alone is already a strong reason for traveling to the Czech Republic. The city offers many aspects: it is bohemian, underground, musical, romantic, modern and mythical. It is a city with more than a thousand years of history, where you can find a panorama of architectural monuments from the 10th to the 20th century extremely well conserved.

Cities and regions on Unesco’s cultural heritage list.

In total, there are 14 places on the UNESCO list that really inspire travelers for visiting the Czech Republic. In addition to the historic center of Prague, the medieval 13th-century streets with Renaissance architecture in Český Krumlov, the churches of Kutná Hora and the squares made up of colorful façade houses in the city of Telč, one more charming than the other – making you think you are in the setting of a children’s story by writer Hans Christian Andersen – these are some of the country’s incredible destinations.

More than 1000 castles, chateaux and palaces.

These types of monuments attract many tourists for traveling to the Czech Republic every year. Starting with Prague Castle, considered the largest in the world, the lands that comprise the current Czech Republic are home to several castles, chateaux and historic palaces since the region was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Czechs say they make the best lager beer in the world.

This fact certainly provokes the desire of many beer lovers for visiting the Czech Republic. In fact, the Czech pilsner recipe, created in 1842 in the city of Pilsen (hence the name of the beer type) is produced with four ingredients (malt, hops, water and yeast), has high quality, alcohol content of 4, 4% and, believe it or not, Czech doctors recommend taking one a day for good health.

Žatec, the Czech hops city.

Strongly connected to beer and hops, the fertile hops producing region of the type called Saaz, considered to be of high quality, exports one of the main ingredients of beer to countries all over the world. In the city, you can visit the “Temple of Beer” to learn about the development of hop cultivation from the early Middle Ages to the present. In Žatec, you will have the chance to discover the astronomical clock that marks the months of the year, according to the time of planting and harvesting the hops.

A taste of genuine local Czech cuisine.

Gastronomy is also a reason for visiting the Czech Republic. As a small country in the center of Europe, of course, it receives gastronomic influences from its German, Austrian and Hungarian neighbors. But that doesn’t mean the Czech Republic does not have a strong culinary personality. A proof of this are the “knedlíky” (dumplings in English) – made with dough or potato and stuffed with pieces of crackling, bacon or ham – considered the phenomenon of Czech cuisine!

Christmas, Easter, Spring and Autumn themed markets.

Thematic street fairs are very special attractions for different profiles of people at different times of the year in the Czech Republic. Take advantage of the outdoor spaces the cities have to offer in an organized and well-ornamented way: delicious gastronomic delicacies, artisanal drinks – from juices to ciders – and also handicrafts integrate the atmosphere of the fairs in the country. The most famous and well-known of these is the Christmas market in Old Town Square in Prague.

Discover Special gardens and parks.

In Prague and other Czech cities, you can stroll through stunning gardens, enjoy incredible views of the city and watch the flowers bloom in the trees, making it another strong reason for traveling to the Czech Republic.

In spring, the well-kept gardens will fill your eyes with beauty, while in autumn the leaves of the trees gradually fade, fall to the ground and make a multicolored carpet for you to pass.

The city of Kroměříž, especially, has the most beautiful gardens in Europe as it presents a perfect connection between flowers, art and architecture. For this reason, they are inscribed on the Unesco heritage list.

Lasting traditions are a must in the Czech Republic.

The southern region of the Czech Republic, called Moravia, concentrates many folk traditions, which started hundreds of years ago, but are still part of people’s lives today. An example of this is a male folk dance known as verbuňk, which is listed by UNESCO as an intangible heritage, thanks to its unique nature. The verbuňk was originally danced by soldiers when they were leaving to join the army and also to impress girls. In addition to this tradition, you can still find in the Czech Republic the tradition of training falcons for hunting, the joyful Carnival processions that pass from house to house in the Hlinecko region and the tradition of the Walk of Kings, held in Vlčnov, for over 200 years.

The dynamic musical and cultural scene.

Throughout the year, you can find musical and cultural attractions to enjoy. These events are a good reason to attract a considerable audience for visiting the Czech Republic every summer, especially. The Czech capital, mainly, offers numerous festivals of music, theater, circus arts, dance, cinema and literature. Not to mention the musical and cultural festivals that take place in the summer across Czech cities, such as the Bohemia Jazz Fest, Colors of Ostrava and the United Islands of Prague festivals.

Spas tradition.

Perhaps many people are unaware that the Czech Republic has a long tradition of spas. The thermal water towns are located mainly in the western area of the country, and offer relaxation and health treatment, thanks to a combination of modern techniques and traditional wisdom. The most famous of these cities is Karlovy Vary, located in a region rich in mineral springs. To top it all off, Karlovy Vary is home to the largest international film festival in the Czech Republic. There you can have a beauty treatment at a spa or stay at the hotel that was the setting for the James Bond film Casino Royale. Other beautiful Czech cities with a spa tradition are Teplice, Mariánské Lázně and Františkovy Lázně.

Czech Republic is perfect for bicycle travel.

The Czech Republic is a country that invites travelers to explore it by bicycle. There are already tried and tested routes for cyclists of different levels, from the beginner to the most adventurous ones. These are well-marked and themed trails that lead tourists to discover hidden gems around the country. You can choose the Greenways route, which connects Prague to Vienna, the path along the Ohře river, starting from the border between the Czech Republic and Germany or the Witches route, which takes you to places where the Inquisition trials took place.

National parks are worthy of movie scenes.

Beautiful landscapes and the enchanting corners of the national parks arouse the desire of lovers of less obvious destinations to visit these places in the Czech Republic. One of them is the České Švýcarsko National Park (Czech Switzerland), which integrates a magnificent area with deep valleys, immense pines and sandstone rock formations. One of the symbols of this place is a natural rock arch, with the name Pravčická Brána, considered the largest of its kind in Europe. The place is so fantastic that it was chosen as the location for the film Chronicles of Narnia. Other incredible national parks are the Podyjí National Park, Krkonoše National Park and Bohemian Paradise.

Walkthrough the wine region’s sunny vineyards.

For wine lovers, the Czech Republic can also be a paradise. The southern part of the region, called Moravia, considered one of the warmest in the country, is bathed by the river and has a wavy relief, creating a favorable atmosphere highly valued by local wine growers. The white wine produced in this region is delicious and has a good reputation throughout the Czech Republic. Recently, Moravian white wines have also reached some of the best restaurants in the world, as selected by the Michelin guide.

Art in glass and crystal.

You have probably heard of Bohemian crystals, haven’t you? In fact, Czech crystals are famous for their tradition and quality. There are records that indicate that already in the Middle Ages crystals were manufactured here in the region, more specifically in the city of Nový Bor, where archaeological objects such as small pieces of molten glass and fragments of molds have been found. Without having to leave Prague, you can visit the Moser Museum, which is an international and luxury brand. And in the city of Jablonec nad Nisou, you will see the exhibition “The glass of Bohemia for seven centuries”.

Explore the Natural Beauties of the country.

Mountains, rivers and lakes, caves, rock towns, observation towers and lookouts to observe nature, these are some of natural heritage options that you can find across the Czech Republic. In a variety of ways, you can enjoy both the warmer climate of the Dolní Morava Biosphere Reserve landscape and the much colder temperature in the shadows of Boubín Forest in Šumava. The gorges of the rocky town of Adršpach or the limestone cave of Punkevní in Moravia might also catch your eye.

Enjoy Winter activities.

If you like winter sports and want to be active during the darkest and coldest time of the year, spending a few days in the Czech mountains can do you a lot of good. The Czech Republic has some well-structured ski resorts, winter resorts and mountain towns that allow travelers to enjoy winter activities in the best way possible. Mountaineering trails, cross-country ski runs, the world’s longest ice-skating rink in Lipno, and sledding are some of the attractions for fun in an icy setting.

Stables in Kladruby nad Labem.

The tradition of raising horses for ceremonial purposes in Kladruby nad Labem has centuries of history. The Kladruby Stud Farm is considered one of the oldest in the world. In the 16th century, Emperor Rodolfo II, of the Holy Roman Empire, transformed the farm into an imperial stud farm and has since been home to the Kladruber horse breed. Because of this, it is on Unesco’s cultural heritage list. On site, you can visit the castle, the stables and participate in various events throughout the year to see the Kladruber horses in action.

Visit the Spiritual and Historical monuments.

The country has a rich historical heritage connected with spirituality, that also motivates travelers to visit the Czech Republic. For centuries, the lands of Bohemia have been home to monasteries, synagogues, and Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox churches. These monuments stand out for the reports of miracles, the occurrence of legends and even for their unusual architecture. Some of these places worth mentioning is the Brevnov Monastery in Prague, founded in 993, the Old-New Synagogue, the oldest in central Europe, and the Church of St. John Nepomucene, considered a Unesco world cultural heritage due to the genius of its construction.

Memorable and stately theaters.

In Prague, you can enjoy amazing classical music, opera and ballet performances. In addition to the high artistic quality of the productions, the theater rooms where the presentations take place contribute to the experience being even more spectacular. The National Theater in the Czech capital, for example, is richly ornamented in gold. Another theater that deserves to be highlighted is the Theater of the States, in Prague, a construction in classicist style of 1783 with strongly connected to Mozart, because it was there that the world premiere of the opera Don Giovanni took place.


They are a very old and popular art form in the Czech Republic. The puppet history began in the Middle Ages and had its golden period in the 19th century, when the art of puppet theater performance was perfected and attracted fans across Bohemia. The world’s first puppet school was born in Prague in 1952. In addition, the Czech Republic has the first magazine dedicated to this type of art. Currently, there are about 300 groups of amateur puppeteers and 12 professional groups in the country. Since 2016, the art of puppetry has been inscribed on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.


It is clear that this small country in the heart of Europe, which has lived its days of full democracy for only 30 years, has a lot to offer for those who choose for visiting the Czech Republic. Although small, each region has its own personality with its cultural habits, traditions and folklore. Certainly, some of the reasons mentioned above will captivate you to visit the Czech Republic, whether to see its most famous attractions worldwide or just to explore its most hidden corners. Now, just choose the one that most attracted you to motivate you to plan your trip to a country that still has a lot to discover.

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Top unique reasons for visiting the Czech Republic