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Travel and Discover Basilicata Region from your couch. – Italy


“Ten good reasons to come to Basilicata”.

10 reasons, 10 episodes to discover Basilicata through the eyes of Matt, a young tourist explorer.
Matt’s journey starts from the Lucanian Dolomites, to continue towards Aliano and then arrive on the Ionian Coast. From there he arrives in Matera, climbs to the top of Monte Pollino and goes to Potenza, the capital. Fascinated by the badlands of Montalbano Ionico, he continues his journey in the ancestral craters of Vulture, the Monticchio lakes, and among the lively San Fele waterfalls. He relives the deeds of Frederick II of Swabia, thanks to the castles of Melfi and Lagopesole and then ends his journey to Maratea.
A journey, to put it in the words of our traveler, in a warm and welcoming, simple and beautiful region, where landscapes are like paintings. Where the common denominator is nature and men and animals live in a “perfect universe”, respecting each other.
Each person accompanied him on a different journey; places and people, people and places … because they are the people who characterize a place and determine its identity.

Tales of Food in Basilicata.

Animate your Inspiration in Basilicata.

Action and go in Basilicata.

Film locations in Basilicata.

Sports & Adventures in Basilicata.

Basilicata is transformed into an open-air gym, discover the sporting and adventurous side of Basilicata, an active territory where both beginners and enthusiasts can practice outdoor sports.

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Travel and Discover Basilicata Region from your couch. – Italy