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Travel and Discover Puglia Region from your couch. – Italy

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We are happy from Puglia.

Hey happy people, today we want to tell you about the ”happiest” Puglia we know. Want to find out with us? Turn up the speakers and dance with us… because  We are happy from Puglia!

Best of Puglia Regional Experiences.

Discover the stories of Puglia through the words of these wonderful guys. Itinerary dedicated to discovering the beauty of Puglia’s landscape, from the sea to the mountains, enchanting bays and impassable canyons, to live authentic experiences in the outdoors and play pure sports surrounded by nature.

Double Your Journey in Italy.

Two bloggers and a videographer have crossed Puglia and Lombardy, discovering breathtaking panoramas, historic villages and cities of art.

A unique journey, from north to south of Italy, between ancient traditions and authentic flavors of local cuisine.

Two regions, an Italian journey, with Journalist On The Run and Dan Flying Solo.

Visit Puglia.

Puglia Unexpected Italy | Art and Culture.

A world of art and culture. You won’t believe your eyes. In Puglia you’ll find enchanted landscapes surrounding historic towns and cities of art. Romanesque and Baroque cathedrals and monuments frame town squares as they stand placidly in the shade of majestic castles and noble palaces. From the Gargano to the Salento, Puglia is full of priceless treasures and architectural gems, such as its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, places so beautiful that they are considered part of humanity’s common heritage.

Puglia Unexpected Italy | Eating with relish.

And the party goes on at the table in Puglia. A true triumph of Mediterranean flavors. From the Gargano to the Salento, delight your palate with the authentic tastes that make Puglia’s food and wine so unique.

Puglia Travel Flavour.

Can a dish give birth to the desire to travel and reveal the beauties of a land like ours? We asked ourselves and we found the answer in this video, made with Expedia! Have a good trip.

Puglia Unexpected Italy | The call of the sea.

Fall in love with Puglia’s sea. Enjoy lulling crystal clear waters and an 860 km (540 miles) coastline of golden beaches and breathtaking cliffs.

Business or Pleasure? Come to Puglia Region.

Puglia as a retreat for stakeholders from the world of buisiness, culture and entertainment! Our region is a place where to take some time off for yourself, slow down and be in close contact with nature, get a load of our new videoclip and … enjoy!

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Travel and Discover Puglia Region from your couch. – Italy