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31 Amazing reasons for traveling to Japan.


Japan is a country full of wonders and unique cultures resulted from a complex mixture of Japan’s “closed country” policy which lasted for more than 220 years and also the unique belief of Shinto, a belief that was born and spread widely in Japan. Nowadays, Japan has become one of the most visited countries in the world. In case you are still wondering why you must visit Japan, we have gathered 31 reasons for visiting Japan in this article.

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Visit the Attractive Japanese Festivals.

You can not be bored in Japan because there are just too many festivals being held in Japan every year. There are no exact numbers of how many festivals exist in Japan. However, it is estimated that Japan has about around 100,000 until 300,000 festivals every year. The festivals in Japan ranges from a festival that is specific to a season such as Winter Festival where you can enjoy many outdoor winter activities such as snow banana and snow rafting to a festival that is held to throw bad luck away such as Hinamatsuri (girl’s day).


Quench your Food Appetite with Japan’s Specialty Gourmet.


Japan has 47 prefectures and every prefecture has a lot of specialty gourmet that belongs specifically to the area. If you would like to eat something savory and rich in flavor you may try to come to Kansai Region which provides you a bunch of cuisine from okonomiyaki, kyotsukemono, and nato. In case you want to eat something tastes lighter yet appetizing, it is very advisable for you to have a visit to Hokkaido for their seafood-based cuisine such as kaisendon, and ikuradon. The seafood in Hokkaido is a must-try if you are visiting Japan because their seafood is very fresh and huge!


Experience a Wide Selection of Japan Unique Culture.


No matter whether you are an urban person that wants to experience an endless entertainment in big cities such as Geisha performance or its huge theme park (Disneyland, DisneySea and Universal Studios) or you just want to have a bit of break by embracing yourself and the nature more through the practice of shinrinyoku (forest-bathing) and Zen Meditation. Japan is the perfect place for everyone with every kind of needs.

Enjoy Scenery that is Unique to Japan.


There are many places with scenery that you can not find but in Japan. Starting from the fragrant flower curtain made of Wisteria Kawachi Fujien to the flower carpet in Hitachi Seaside Park. Another mesmerizing place that you should not miss is Oya Shiryokan which is a baseball field-sized underground cavern.

Japan is the Heaven for Shopaholics.

Despite the truth that living cost in Japan is considerably high in comparison to other countries, Japan offers many great deals for people who love to shop. First, most of Japan’s international brands such as Uniqlo and Muji are selling the goods for much cheaper in Japan. Not only cheaper, but there are many high-quality products that are only sold in Japan. In addition, when you buy something for over ¥5000, 50 USD approximately, (exclusive of tax) you are eligible for tax redemption that can easily be claimed from the cashier of the store where you bought the product. Japan also very well-known for its high-quality secondhand products which you should never miss when you visit Japan.


Ease of Transportation in Japan.


While commuting in Japan might be a bit of hassle for those who are visiting Japan for the first time. Japan’s transportation is considerably very convenient which includes the train and buses you can use to travel in Japan conveniently across 3 out of 4 main islands in Japan (Kyushu, Honshu, and Shikoku) and ferries that connect to Hokkaido (the other main island in Japan). On top of that, all of these transportations can you use as much as you want when you purchase Japan Rail Pass which is perfect for tourists who want to visit Japan until its each and every corner.

A Fun Way for Losing Weight.


Japan is the right country for you to visit if you want to lose weight while enjoying the entertainment offered. This is especially true if you are planning to visit big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka where you have to walk a lot between visiting the attractions. This is further supported by the fact that most of Japan’s traditional food sets are consist of foods that are either grilled or boiled instead of deep-fried which makes it healthier for the body and helps in losing weight. Japanese green tea also well-known due to its antioxidant that helps to lose weight.

Hunting for Instagrammable Pictures.


I know that many of us can not hold but taking pictures of the adorable scenery during our vacation. And yet, Japan has so many instagrammable places ready for you to take. The instagrammable spots in Japan range from the urban-styled one such as the view of Tokyo night landscape view including its iconic Tokyo Tower to a more natural and colorful such as Hitachi Seaside Park which may have up to 4.5 millions of flowers blooming at the beginning of April.


Taking Pictures that are used in Japanese Animations.


It is undeniable that Japanese Animations or what is commonly called anime has taken over the world. Japanese animations are very popular until many of them get into the US cinema and also have a special section in live streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. The thing that you have to know is that many of the backgrounds in scenes of the animations were actually adapted from a real-life location. It is really worth it to visit those places to get the feel of getting inside the animation. One of the most famous places that you can try to visit is Suga Shrine in Tokyo. It is in the area of Suga Shrine where the last scene of the epic Japanese animations “Your Name” is originated from.

Buying Goods Exclusive to Japan.


There is a chance that you are visiting Japan because you heard that there are many rare items that are only sold in Japan. And yes, there are a lot of products varying from souvenirs, tools, and kitchenware that are exclusive to Japan such as takoyaki machine, various flavors of KitKat that are only sold in Japan, and kotatsu (a table with an electronic heater attached below it).

Power Up your Japanese.


Some of you maybe have heard and memorized a couple of Japanese words from Japanese product commercial video, manga, and any other source. But it will not be complete if you have not tried to use it practically in Japan. You will be surprised that some regions such as Kansai and Hokkaido are using a very distinct dialect compared to the one which you accustomed to hearing, which is the language commonly spoken in the Tokyo area.

Worry-free Vacation.


During traveling, especially to a foreign country, safety will be one of a big concern that needs to address appropriately. Fortunately, Japan is well-known for its image as a safe country. Japan is very safe to the extent you will not lose your forgotten belongings in the trains even after a couple of days. It is also very safe to travel to Japan by yourself. However, there is a precaution to be aware of people who get drunk at night.

Japan is a Family-Friendly Destination.


Visiting Japan also can be a good idea for those who wish to have a vacation together with the whole family. This is because many destinations in Japan are specifically built for family trips such as Disney Land. The ease of transportation in Japan also really helps especially when it comes to a multicity trip (e.g. Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto) because you can reserved seats when you are using Japan’s bullet train known as Shinkansen. Many cuisines in Japan also suit well with kids because the taste that is not too strong such as those of tamagoyaki (Japanese Omelette).

Japanese Vending Machines are Amazing.


Yes, this is not a typo. Japan’s vending machines are one of the coolest things in the world. It is very different from the conventional vending machine that you have in mind which only sells cold or hot drinks. Japanese vending machines are basically sell everything you can imagine starting from crepe, necktie, and even underwear.

Appreciating The Four Seasons.


Japanese really appreciates every season that exists in their country. In Japan itself, there is a term called gyoujishoku which refers to food to be eaten on a specific event or celebration in Japan. The ingredients are based on the season and used to represent the season. These foods can be bought easily during Japan’s celebration such as Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Day). You must try this food when you are visiting Japan.

Immerse with Japan Politeness.


Japan is well-known as a super polite country. This is especially true when you are shopping and having a meal in Japan. When you are getting into a restaurant, the waiters will welcome you by saying Irasshaimase which means welcome in Japanese. While if you are purchasing goods in Japan, there are cases where they will help you to bring the purchased goods until the exit door.

Buy Japan’s Time-Limited Products.


Japan-Food-Summer Food-Kakigoori

When you come to Japan, most probably you will find so many time-limited products that are only sold for a limited amount of time. This is basically a common Japanese company marketing strategy to increase the number of sales because there are so many people who want to try something that is “limited”. For example, during spring everything will get a touch of sakura (Japanese Cherry Blossom). When I say everything, it is literally everything including soft drinks and even beers. It is really recommended for you to have a try to one of the time-limited products while you are in Japan.

Taste Japan’s Premium Food.

Have you ever heard of wagyu? Wagyu refers to the meat of special breed cows in Japan which undergoes a special treatment that makes the meat become very tender than juicy due to the high level of marbling. This type of meat may cost up to $300 for a steak. Other than that, Japan also has premium fruits such as Yubari King Melon which costs more than $89. This type of food is special to Japan. So, make sure you have a bite on this kind of food especially when you have more budget.

Hands-on Programmes.


If you are bored with the typical vacation which consists of only have a walk, have a meal, and shopping. It is really recommended for you to join a hand-on program which fortunately Japan has a ton of it. The activities range from creating handmade udon in Kagawa prefecture until harvesting strawberries at the foot of Mount Fuji.

Japan is Full of Romantic Spots.


Japan with its beautiful urban scenery and natural landscape are a perfect spot for you to have either a honeymoon or marriage proposal. Enjoy the aerial view of the vivid Yokohama from Yokohama Sky Cruise or the cinematic sunset from Koijigahama in Aichi prefecture. No matter what you choose, it is really worth visiting Japan to enjoy time with your loved one.

Throw Your Bad Luck.


If you feel very you have gone through a series of bad events recently, maybe you have to try to visit Japan’s power spots. Power spots refer to places that are believed to have some sort of mystical energy. It is believed if you visit these power spots you can cut your bad luck. These places are basically spread across Japan but can be easily found around Kyoto.

Japan is Rich in History.


Japan is the home to 23 UNESCO admitted world heritage sites. This makes Japan is a perfect destination to visit if you have interests in history and would like to embrace Japanese culture even more. There are places such as Hiroshima Genbaku Dome which is the building that survived from Hiroshima Atomic Bomb on 6 August 1945.

Wide Selection of Lodging Facilities.


In order to fully accommodate your visit, Japan offers a lot of types of lodging for you to choose from. You are free to choose which one that suit your need and your budget. The choices include the normal hotel, capsule hotel, concept hotel, ryokan (Japanese-style inn), and resort.

Japan is the Best Place to Relax Your Body and Soul.


Japan’s nature is one of the best places for you to clear up your mind and take a break from your hectic routine. There are many places where you can have relax and enjoy nature, one of them is in Shiragamisanchi which is Japan’s first UNESCO registered world heritage site. This area also includes a virgin forest of Siebold’s beech and has a designated tracking course for tourists.

Welcome to The Heaven of Hot Springs.


According to the Japan Ministry of the Environment, there are more than 3038 hot spring spots spread all over Japan. Thus, it is very easy to find one of them along you are visiting Japan. It is worth mentioning that every hot spring is different. At least, there are 9 types of natural hot springs in Japan according to mineral content in the water and all of them are very beneficial to our health.

Enjoy your stay at Japan´s Fascinating Luxury Resorts.


Japan has a lot of luxury resorts that are meant for people who wish to not go too far away but still want to enjoy the most of Japan. Each of the luxury resorts has its own specialties depending on the trait of the prefecture where it belongs to. For example, resorts in Okinawa will give you direct access to a private beach. Some resorts also have private natural hot springs and their own tea house for you to learn the Japanese tea ceremony.

What about having a Café Hopping?


In case you miss out, Japan has many wonderful cafes. Thanks to the high-quality ingredients that are easily be found in Japan. Due to the high demands of café in Japan, even in a relatively small area such as Kyoto, there more than 2406 cafes operating. In some prefectures such as Aichi, going to café already become part of the daily routine especially in the morning because there are special menus and discounts going on.

Learn Traditional Japanese Handicraft.


Even though Japan has undergone a rapid technological advance, Japan does not neglect its traditional handicraft. There are many historical backgrounds attached to Japanese handicrafts which you can learn on how to make it on your own. One of them is the workshop of creating traditional lanterns out of washi  (Japanese traditional paper) which was the main source of light in Edo Period and used for many purposes. This handicraft is special to Japan and you can not learn it other than in Japan. So make sure to have a visit to this kind of handicraft workshop.


Make Your Wishes Come True.


Shinto is a religion that was born from the ancient Japanese customs and tradition. In Shinto, there is a term called Yaoyorozu which refers to the eight million gods in this religion. You may try to visit Osaki Ebisu Shrine where the god of wealth belongs to if you wish for health, or Yushima Tenman-gu Shrine if you wish for success in exams and so on. You are still very welcomed to come and pray to these shrines regardless you are not a Shinto believer.

Japan’s Unique Café.

When it comes to café, you may think of a place that serves coffee and light meals for people to enjoy while studying or chit-chatting with friends. However, this is only partially true in the case of Japan. Because Japan has more variety of café that you must try to visit such as Maid café, Butler café, anime-themed café, and manga café i.e. café that has tons of manga and private rooms for rent.

Japan is Perfect for Solo Travelling.


There are times when you just want to be alone, immerse yourself without being disturbed by someone else. It is perfect for you who wish to do a solo travel in Japan because Japan offers to facilitate this kind of travelers that is also affordable such as capsule hotels. There are also many restaurants, such as Ichiran Ramen restaurant, where you have to eat by yourself because they believe you can only enjoy the full taste of the food when you eat it alone.


With its wide range of perks and things to do in Japan, combined with the ease of transportation that Japan provides. It is no wonder that Japan currently has become one of the most visited countries in the world. This is by no means the most complete list of reasons for visiting Japan. There are still so many reasons for visiting Japan that are not listed here which you can only find by visiting Japan.

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31 Amazing reasons for traveling to Japan.