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Travel and Discover Jalisco Region from your couch. – Mexico


Tequila and Mariachis come together in this central-western part of Mexico, the geographical point where the state of Jalisco is located, with its bountiful lands that have become a synonym for Mexican identity and the cradle of charrería — Mexican rodeo — jaripeos and palenques.
A journey through any one of the corners of Jalisco can be transformed into an exciting adventure on which all kinds of activities can be enjoyed in close contact with nature, with camping and water sports that reveal all that the lands of Jalisco have to offer. Discover Jalisco Region in Mexico.

Tepatitlán: The Pearl of Los Altos

Let’s go to Tepa! This city, an hour’s drive from Guadalajara, will enchant you with its historical wealth, its architecture and its delicious cuisine.

Jalisco: 100 roads, 100 experiences.

By feet, by boat, by horse…there are many ways to enjoy and discover the amazing towns and landscapes of Jalisco.

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Travel and Discover Jalisco Region from your couch. – Mexico