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Travel and Discover Alentejo Region from your couch. – Portugal.

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Alentejo As Never Seen Before.

Beauty shots of Alentejo tourism region. Come and visit us!

Choose Portugal – Choose Alentejo!

The plains that extend as far as the eye can see start close to the Tagus. While to the north, the pace is set by the green of the flatlands, further south the landscape combines with the sun, the heat and a slower pace of life. This is the Alentejo. To the north, the pastures of the marshlands; in the vast interior, unending flatness of the plains and the extensive body of water of the Alqueva; at the coast, wild, beautiful beaches waiting to be discovered.

Pedro Lima travelled around the Alentejo and visited the Marble Route and the city of Elvas Plains of wild flowers, tranquil lakes, hospitable towns and cities and horizons lost to sight are the images that best describe the Alentejo. We invite you to discover a country of magical surprises and unexpected feelings. Visit us and be mesmerized by Portugal, Europe’s best kept secret.

Alentejo | The McNamara Surf Trip.

Garrett McNamara experiences an adrenalin rush and gets a taste of the relaxed life in scenic Alentejo. In Alentejo, soul surfer Tarik Van Prehn gives Garrett a glimpse of the laid-back life in the countryside. Later, Garrett gets back to surfing and tries a nature path 10 meters off the ground – “give me big wave surfing any day”.

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Travel and Discover Alentejo Region from your couch. – Portugal.