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Travel and Discover the city of Lisbon from your couch. – Portugal

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Visit Lisbon. Visit Portugal!

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital and the hub of a multifaceted area that appeals to different tastes and senses. The wide variety of landscapes and heritage is always close by, whether to the north or south of the capital. With beaches, natural parks, cultural routes and accommodation for all tastes, it is hard to escape the Lisbon region on a visit to Portugal. Now sit back at you couch and discover the city of Lisbon in Portugal.

Lisbon | The McNamara Surf Trip.

“Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities I´ve ever seen”. Find out why… In this trip Garrett surfs the amazing beaches around Lisbon with local surfers Filipe Jervis and Nuno Mesquita, experiences great food, attends a concert by local band Paus and gets to know Lisbon with local surfer and musician Frankie Chavez.

A Tram Ride in Lisbon.

Trams are part of the experience of visiting Lisbon, being one of the best means of transport in the city. There are several lines and routes, but tram 28 is the most iconic, taking you on a lovely ride to see lots of historical and architectural heritage sites of the city.

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Travel and Discover the city of Lisbon from your couch. – Portugal