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Travel and Discover Andalusia region from your couch. – Spain

Spain - Andalusia - Ronda - Bridge

Wandering with your partner around Andalusia – Spain.

Are you planning a trip through the south of Spain for your next vacation with your partner? Andalusia is the second largest area in the country – from one end to the other there are around 600 kilometers – and it has many things to offer. Get ready to see striking white villages, to stroll through palaces of Islamic architecture, to climb to the top of cathedrals and fortresses, to discover “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars” settings, to experience the passion for flamenco, to try tapas and wines like Jerez and to meet people with a joy that is not found elsewhere. An exciting journey awaits you!

Discover Andalusia – Spain.

We show you the wonders hidden in the southern of Spain. Are you ready? A trip around Andalusia, focusing especially on its culture, important cities, accommodation and entertainment, and its modern range of services. In Granada, you’ll see the stunning Alhambra Palace, the Generalife gardens and the medieval Albaicín neighborhood; in Cordoba, its historic center with the great Mosque and in Seville, the cathedral, the Alcázar palace and the Indies Archive.

Discover Andalusia, a journey into history and art.

Traces of the past, from the days of the Romans to the present, can be found throughout Andalusia. But if there is one culture that has left its mark on this region, it is the Moorish culture.

Discover Andalusia, a gateway to Nature.

A different way of exploring Andalusia might be to enjoy the contact with nature, for example by discovering the Doñana National Park and the mountains of the Sierras de Cazorla and Segura, as well as a whole host of other nature areas.

Come to Andalusia and live the Fiesta.

Festivities are an important part of Andalusian culture. Easter Week and the Rocío pilgrimage are two of the most important ones. But if there is anything that the vast majority of festivities share in common, it is the role played by horses and flamenco.

Discover Andalusia’s coasts and beaches, you’ll want to come back for more!

One of the best options for travellers who visit Andalusia is to enjoy the beaches. From the Almería Coast and the Costa Tropical to the Costa del Sol and the Costa de la Luz, you will find the perfect place for enjoying the sun and practising all kinds of water sports.

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Travel and Discover Andalusia region from your couch. – Spain