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Travel and Discover Canary Islands from your couch. – Spain.

Spain - Canary Islands - Santa Cruz - Fountain

Travel to Canary Islands – Spain.

A jewel on the coast of Spain, the Canary Islands of volcanic origin offers a multitude of beaches where you can sunbathe, practice water sports and discover surprising nature. And best of all: the temperatures are pleasant all year round. 265 kilometers of beaches and some volcanic seabeds that will amaze you with their flora and marine fauna. Virgin beaches, with infinite dunes, black sand, natural pools … This and much more are the Canary Islands, in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. Many of its places have their own special charm: the Islote de Lobos, in Fuerteventura; the Maspalomas dunes, in Gran Canaria; the island of La Graciosa, in Lanzarote. In the Canary Islands you will find one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. If you dare to visit them, get ready to see volcanoes, ancient forests or impressive cliffs

Canary Islands for all.

The climate and location of the Canary Islands makes them an ideal place to visit all year round. They also have extensive leisure facilities offering a host of options to suit every taste, and incredible natural landscapes to enjoy.

Canary Islands, protected countryside.

Four of Spains national parks (the highest category of protection) are to be found in the Canary Islands. They offer a broad range of different landscapes to enjoy.

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Travel and Discover Canary Islands from your couch. – Spain.