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Wonderful Photo Trip to Navarre Region. – Spain


Welcome to our Photo Trip to Navarre Region.

Witness the steep, green silhouette of the Pyrenees and see how it undulates and softens as you approach La Ribera Breathe in the aroma of tradition on the St James’ Way route, from the legendary Roncesvalles to the town of Viana. Savour the colors of the festival: white and red predominate in the festival of San Fermin and the summer celebrations. Don’t miss the view of the varied gastronomy with exquisite meats and sumptuous vegetables from La Ribera, accompanied by the region’s excellent wines.

Popular processions, pilgrimages such as the Javierada, Rafters Day, witches covens, and the Festival of San Fermin are the main traditions found in Navarre.

One of the main festivals in Navarre region takes place in Pamplona Fireworks on 6 July. It marks the start of the festival of San Fermin and the streets are filled with a sense of brotherhood in festivities with a cheerful atmosphere. The festivals in the north see the street filled with dances and rural sport demonstrations in contrast with those in the south, where the young bulls are the protagonists.

Navarre maintains a culinary tradition that is based on the products found in its diverse landscapes and which makes food a social occasion. The red, white and rose wines, the pinchos, the wonderful market garden produce and home-made desserts all await you.

Routes create history and foster traditions, and in the Kingdom of Navarre the most important is the St James Way, which has left an indelible mark on the customs and heritage of the region. Other routes with centuries of tradition are the Roman roads and the cattle tracks; Navarre also boasts a multitude of long and short hiking paths.

In the architecture, in the traditions, in the dances and rural sports, you will catch a glimpse of the way of being and living of the people of Navarre: from the closed valleys of the north, which have shaped the noble and friendly character of the people of the farmhouses, to the south where the sun shines and the streets are full of life.

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Wonderful Photo Trip to Navarre Region. – Spain