Monday, June 17, 2024

Travel and Discover Croatia from your couch.

Croatia: The Intangible Heritage. Intangible cultural heritage refers to traditions or living expressions passed on from generation to generation, and with this Google and CNTB project this content has been showcased via four sections – knowledge of crafts, folk singing and dancing, celebrations and festivities, and food. Discover the colors of Croatia. Pick a colour…A […]

Travel and Discover Egypt from your couch.

Discover the magic of traveling to Egypt. Beyond our destinations and beyond our landmarks, Egypt moves, astonishes, and awakens the senses of visitors, through its people. We invite the global community to connect human-to-human and experience Egypt’s dynamic, vibrant, and authentic culture. It is a timeless celebration of the Egyptian People. We are People of […]

Travel and Discover Thailand from your couch.

Amazing Thailand. Amazing Feelings are waiting for you to explore Thailand again once the world is ready. This is Thailand. “This is Thailand” is a journey that brings you through the most beautiful places through all regions of Thailand, while in their most beautiful moments. From mountainous northern regions filled with beautiful stars, beautiful waterfall […]

31 Amazing reasons for traveling to Japan.

Japan is a country full of wonders and unique cultures resulted from a complex mixture of Japan’s “closed country” policy which lasted for more than 220 years and also the unique belief of Shinto, a belief that was born and spread widely in Japan. Nowadays, Japan has become one of the most visited countries in […]

31 Top Unique reasons for visiting India.

Are you planning your next trip? Looking for a destination where you can experience the mini world? Then you should definitely travel to India. Better known as a multi-lingual, multi-cultural and colorful abode, India has something for everyone. From picturesque destinations, relaxing beaches & snow-capped peaks for nature lovers, host of adventure activities & challenging treks […]