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31 wonderful reasons for visiting Venezuela.


If you are looking for a beautiful, exotic travel destination, then you should consider visiting Venezuela! Known as the little Venice of Latin America, this wonderful country has it all: amazing nature, heavenly beaches, delicious food and lots of places to see. If you choose to travel to Venezuela, do know that it is an experience you will never, ever forget. In this article, we are going to present you with 31 great reasons for visiting Venezuela. Let’s get started!

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Discover the Ancient traditions of Venezuela.

Venezuela is extremely rich in traditions, as it was the meeting point of very diverse cultures: the indigenous, the Spanish and the African. As a result, Venezuela has managed to preserve several traditions belonging to each culture, providing a fascinating cultural landscape. Traditional chants of African origin, for example, are still hummed in the different areas of the country, namely the Andes, the jungles and the coast.

The most exquisite dishes you will ever taste.

A great reason for visiting Venezuela is its amazing food. Venezuelan gastronomy is incredibly rich and varied in terms of ingredients and preparations. It mainly revolves around corn, rice, beans and fruits, but also beef, pork and chicken seasoned with delicious spices. You should definitely try some arepa, a traditional Venezuelan corn bread. A fried arepa is called an empanada and both are usually filled with cheese or meat. Carne mechada (pulled beef with cumin and tomato sauce) is one of the most popular fillings! Another typical dish is the Pabellon Criollo, made with rice, beans, plantain and meet, very popular in the Caribbean.

Its wide selection of drinks and refreshing beverages.

An additional reason for visiting Venezuela is its outstanding selection of drinks and beverages. If you prefer non-alcoholic drinks, try chicha, a very refreshing beverage you can usually buy on the street, if you spot a chichero stand. This beverage is made with milk, rice and sometimes cinnamon, and served icy cold to cope with the heat!  Venezuela is also a lead exporter of Rum. Other popular drinks are ponches, which greatly vary according to the region in which they are produced.

Lots of yummy snacks.

As previously mentioned, Venezuelan gastronomy is perhaps one of the best reasons for traveling to this wonderful country. Its selection of snacks and appetizers, made with local ingredients, will make you fall in love with the Venezuela. Try tostones (fried banana), yuca frita (fried cassava), and my trusty favourite, tequeños (Venezuelan cheese sticks)… They are simply the yummiest appetizers you’ll ever taste!

You can buy an authentic traditional hammock.

Venezuela is a producer of these traditional indigenous beds, called hamacks by the Mayas. In ancient times, hammocks were made with vegetable fibers to allow indigenous people to sleep in the jungle. This useful and super comfy accessory is now available in many different colors and styles, and they vary greatly according to the nation which produces them. Venezuela produces both hammocks and chinchorros (similar to hammocks, but in the shape of a net). Don’t forget to get yourself one!

Enjoy the amazing festivals & celebrations of Venezuela.

Another reason for visiting Venezuela is its many festivals and celebrations. This jovial, bubbly, lively nation is full of incredible celebrations, mainly related to religion. Festivals take place throughout the year, a cheerful mix of music, dancing and folklore. Don’t miss the Festival de la Virgen de Coromoto, the amazing Festival de la Chinita in Maracaibo (to celebrate the Virgin of Chiquinquirá) and the impressive celebrations of Semana Santa (Easter week) in the capital, Caracas.

Venezuela’s Dancing Devils.

This mysterious dance, a very creative celebration related to Christianity, is perhaps one of the most fascinating reasons for visiting Venezuela. Considered UNESCO World Heritage, the celebration is common among the small communities of the central coast of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Men and children of all ages wear devil costumes and organize unforgettable dances and parades. Believers play traditional instruments to banish evil forces and the whole performance is a symbol of the fight between good and evil.

There are plenty of Amazing cities to discover in Venezuela.

Discovering Venezuela’s cities, towns and villages is an unforgettable experience. A fantastic city you should definitely see is Coro, officially considered a UNESCO World Heritage city. Its architecture is the perfect fusion between indigenous, spanish and dutch culture. The University city of Caracas was also awarded the title of UNESCO World Heritage, mainly because of its outstandingly modern architecture and featured art.

Lots of enchanted sites to fall in love with.

One of the most compelling reasons for visiting Venezuela is its mesmerizing nature. You can visit some of the most enchanted places in the world, for example, the National Park of Canaima, a magical reservation which is incidentally considered UNESCO World Heritage as well. Other enchanted spots you shouldn’t miss are the Lake of Valencia and the ruins of Nueva Cádiz, located on the island of Cubagua.

Nature is the protagonist in Venezuela.

Venezuelan people are still in tune with nature and the nation is home to over 40 National Parks, protected areas where it is possible to experience nature in its purest form. This soul-filling journey is especially interesting because of Venezuela’s varied lanscapes. From the outstanding mountains of the Andes to the equatorial forests of the Sabana (Amazon) in the South, Venezuela is a country to discover, live and love.

Its dream-like National Parks.

Venezuela’s wildlife areas are so many and each so stunning that it would be possible to write and entire book about them. If you are in the capital, you should  definitely see the National Park of Waraira Repano, in Ávila. It is possible to reach the highest viewpoints with Caracas’ cableway (el teleférico de Caracas), so don’t miss it! Another mesmerizing park with dream-like landscapes is the Park of Sierra Nevada, between the states of Mérida and Barinas, as well as the National Park of Canaima.

Venezuela’s traditional cities.

Another reason for visiting Venezuela is the diverse personality of its cities. Caracas, the capital, is known for its variety of shopping centers and ideal climate. The city of Barquismeto, located in a state called Lara, is a traditional city known for its community of artists and musicians. Located in the state of Bolivar, Ciudad Guayana is known for its beautiful parks and for the extraction of iron in the area. The city of Saint Cristobal, instead, is known for its beautiful churches and is located in Táchira.

Its diverse regions.

The regions of Venezuela are very varied and unique. The nation is divided in 23 states with a Capital District and the islands (Federal Dependencies). As a whole, Venezuela can be divided in four big regions, with very diverse nature and climate: the Andes, the Caribbean, the Plains and the Amazon Jungle. This diversity is a real treasure and one of the reasons for traveling to Venezuela!

It’s ideal climate.

Venezuela’s climate is a big advantage, as the country can be visited at any time of the year thanks to its mild temperature that seldom reaches over 30 degrees. From May to November, however, rain is more frequent, so you should keep that in mind! Generally speaking, April to December is a dry, ideal time to plan your trip.

You can get to know the country through regional specialties.

Most of us firmly believe food is the best way to get to know specific regions within a country. This is particularly true for Venezuela, as each region provides a wide selection of typical meals to enjoy. Taste the amazing sweet arepitas from Vargas state, the bollitos pelones from Yaracuy or a tasty fish sancocho from Delta Amacuro! Traveling to Venezuela is most definitely a tasty experience! 

Enjoy the Dream-like islands.

This is one of the main reasons for visiting Venezuela, a country with over 300 paradise-like islands ready to take your breath away. Although there are many to recommend and explore, the islands you must definitely see are Margarita, La tortuga (the second bigger island in Venezuela), but also La blanquilla, an uncontaminated piece of paradise, for lack of better words.

Should I mention it? Unforgettable Instagram stories!

Have you ever spent minutes (if not hours) scrolling through dreamy pictures of exotic locations on Instagram, wishing you could teleport right there?  Make your dream come true by traveling to Venezuela! It is such an affordable trip and you will be able to take breathtaking pictures in some of the most exotic beaches and outstanding locations in nature. You will never want to leave, that is guaranteed!

Gasoline is cheaper than drinking water.

This is perhaps one of the sharper contrasts of Venezuela: gasoline is cheaper than drinking water, food and clothes. How is this possible? This phenomenon is linked to the fact that the government largely controls the distribution of goods all over the country.  Public transport is insanely cheap and efficient, education is free and books are sold at a rather symbolic prize too! 

Plenty of excursions and tours to choose from.

Another great reason for visiting Venezuela is the huge quantity of outdoor activities you can choose from. Why not go on a Jeep safari on the Island of Margarita and go for a dive to visit its 7 additional islands? You might also go on a wonderful excursion in Avila’s National park or go on a historical tour of Caracas, the capital!

The friendly, lovely personality of Venezuelan people.

Visiting Venezuela is a heart-warming experience, mainly due to the fact that hospitality is in our blood: we love making people feel loved and appreciated, and you shouldn’t be surprised if we call you mi amor or corazón even if we barely know you. You should never hesitate to ask for information or recommendations. Venezuelan people are very affectionate and wear their heart on their sleeves!

Traditional Venezuelan music.

Venezuela is famous for its traditional music, which you can enjoy a bit everywhere: on the streets of Caracas, in bars and restaurants, in festivals and so forth! During Christmas, you will hear a lot of aguinaldos venezolanos, traditional Christmas songs as well as the Gaita Zuliana, from the state of Zulia. Another typical style of music is the Joropo, a modernized version of traditional rhythms and melodies.

Venezuela’s museums.

Although Venezuela is mostly known for its beautiful, uncontaminated locations in nature, the country provides a lot of options when it comes to museums. Don’t miss the Children’s Museum of Caracas, the Museum of Science, and the National Pantheon. There’s is plenty to see!

Religious beliefs and Santería in Venezuela.

Venezuela’s population is mostly catholic, although the country is also the home to other religious beliefs such as Santería, a mix of Christian and African traditions. Although Santería is very common in the Caribbean area, Venezuela has developed its own cult known as María Lienza, mixing African tradition with Yoruba beliefs and Christian iconography. Santeros shops offering spiritual services are widespread in most Venezuelan cities, towns and villages.

Nightlife is not what you expect.

Nightlife in Venezuela is different from most countries, as there isn’t a safe one as such. Although the selection of bars and pubs is quite big, it is preferable to go there during the day and try to be home around 6 pm. This has been the routine for many locals for almost 30 years. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy trendy restaurants during day time!

A very convenient cost of life.

Cost of life in Venezuela is lower than many countries around the world. It is estimated that the cost of living is around 300 USD per month, and renting a single-bedroom apartment in the capital can be as low as 250 USD per month. Another big advantage is that public transport is almost free and transportation is very convenient! Traveling to Venezuela is definitely good for your wallet.

Taste the Fresh Oysters straight from the sea.

Venezuela is an ideal location for seafood lovers who want to enjoy fresh oysters, and taste amazing, high quality seafood dishes. In many beaches it is possible to ask local fishers to get fresh oysters from the sea and eat them raw with a squeeze of lemon juice on location. The island of Margarita is full of oyster bars where you can enjoy this local delicacy.

Enjoy Venezuela’s travel options.

An additional reason for visiting Venezuela is its ease of travel. The airport of Caracas provides a cheap and efficient connection between the capital and the main travel destinations within the country, including Los Roques, Maracaibo, Canaima, Ciudad Bolívar and Porlamar. Taxi is also a very convenient mean of transportation, but always make sure the vehicle is official and legally registered. Remember to agree on the price before your ride!

You can sunbathe in the most beautiful beaches in the world.

If you love the idea of relaxing on a dream-like beach, you should add these beautiful places to your to-visit list! Visit Los Roques, the island of Coche in Nueva Espalta, the precious Bahía de Cata in Aragua and Playa Patanemo in Carabobo. This perfect landscape will fill your soul with peace and bliss!

Venezuela’s traditional clothes.

Venezuela has managed to keep its ancient traditions related to clothing intact, so much so that each region is known for their traditional costumes as part of Venezuela’s national folklore. Liqui liqui is a particular dress worn by joropo dancers and each region provides its variety which greatly varies in shape and color.

You can purchase an authentic rainstick.

Also known as palo de lluvia, this handcrafted instrument is sold in many businesses and markets all over Venezuela. Invented by indigenous people to reproduce the sound of the rain, this lovely instrument is a tangible example of how Venezuela has managed to preserve its most ancient traditions. Don’t forget to get yourself one!

Enjoy the huge diversity of Venezuela’s animals.

Venezuela’s fauna is truly fascinating and another great reason for visiting this amazing country. The Venezuelan troupial is the symbol of the country, although Venezuela is home to other incredible animals: giant otters, capybaras, orinoco crocodiles and crab-eating foxes!


There is so much more to say, but we hope you enjoyed these 31 reasons for visiting Venezuela! If you are looking for a cheap, affordable destination, you have many reasons to travel to this amazing nation. Venezuela provides the most beautiful natural contrasts and is ready to welcome you to share its treasures. Venezuela offers many places to see, live and love.

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Wonderful reasons for visiting Venezuela.